VINCI Energies is composed by more than 1,600 companies, positioned on their market in correspondence with a principle of segmentation. In order to provide clarity, development actions at the marketing or technological level, and a grouping of resources for the benefit of its clients, a branding policy by sectors has been put in place.

VINCI Energies brands

  • Omexom : Brand dedicated to the production, transmission and transformation of electricity (for all projects on CNPE, before customer rate meter)
  • Actémium : Brand dedicated to the companies involved in industrial processes
  • Axians : Technology and communication brand
  • Citeos: ” Light” mark and urban equipment
  • Vinci facilities : Brand dedicated to facility management

VINCI Energies nuclear activities are present on the market through Omexom and Actémium.

Local brands : For certain activities (niches) some companies retain their original name (eg Tunzini Nucleaire for ventilation in BNI, IFAT for NDC qualifying training, etc.)


Cegelec CSS has joined the network of the Omexom brand which provides us with special assets such as:

  • Strong partnership with high added value
  • Association of internal skills in the Omexom network
  • Local and international presence with expert entities of Omexom
  • International networking within Vinci Energy