Manufacturer of control command since the 1960s, Cegelec CSS is also an appreciated Integrator of the major electricity producers.

Cegelec CSS is renowned for its many references of control system renovation in conventional power plants and nuclear power plants on security and non-security processes.


Our Historical

Historical links with Engie Electrabel et Tractebel Engie (> 60% of turnover) Positioning on the Belgian market as a manufacturer – Classical and nuclear power stations, combined cycles, cogeneration, – The non-security and security market (1E)

Analyse of the use of third-party hardware to provide customer-oriented systems (solution integraton)

First contract with EDF (with CEM): Refurbishment of the TAC (Combustion Turbine)

Refurbishment in the CC for Engie Electrabel Sud (Ruien-Awirs- Amercoeur-…)

EDF RIC-RGLContract Paler 900MW (ave RRCN et CEM). Strategic contract with and for EDF Concerns 34 units of nuclear production

CIPREL TG9 OC (2007) – Retrofit DCS TG5 to 8 OC (2010) – TG10 0C (2012)

EDF-UTO qualification for the field of control- command and electricity

Cegelec CSS s.a.
Contract EDF RICOO2AR palier 900NW (Extension of Scope RIG) Contrat Engie Electrabel – Dol 1 & 2 Project Ventilation SDC (Sécuritaire 1)

– Contract EDF RIC001AR Palier N4 (1450MW)
– Increased expertise in third-party systems (Siemens, GE Fanuc, Schneider, P320, Pcvue, Cimplicity, Wincc, Panorama, …)
– Increased cooperation with other partners including Cegelec and VINCI Energies (CEM, Omexom Renewable ORE, TEMA, Actemium Cadarache…)

Engie Electrabel – Tractebel Engie LTO Sur Etendu Tihange 1

Engie Electrabel – Tractebel Engie LTO Doel 1 & 2

SNEL – Madingusha revamping of 6 groups hydro in RDC

Cegelec CSS s.a
Contract EDF RIC002AR Palier N4 (1450MW)