Our Historical

Historical links with Engie Electrabel et Tractebel Engie (> 60% of turnover) Positioning on the Belgian market as a manufacturer – Classical and nuclear power stations, combined cycles, cogeneration, – The non-security and security market (1E)

Analyse of the use of third-party hardware to provide customer-oriented systems (solution integraton)

First contract with EDF (with CEM): Refurbishment of the TAC (Combustion Turbine)

Refurbishment in the CC for Engie Electrabel Sud (Ruien-Awirs- Amercoeur-…)

EDF RIC-RGLContract Paler 900MW (ave RRCN et CEM). Strategic contract with and for EDF Concerns 34 units of nuclear production

CIPREL TG9 OC (2007) – Retrofit DCS TG5 to 8 OC (2010) – TG10 0C (2012)

EDF-UTO qualification for the field of control- command and electricity

Cegelec CSS s.a.
Contract EDF RICOO2AR palier 900NW (Extension of Scope RIG) Contrat Engie Electrabel – Dol 1 & 2 Project Ventilation SDC (Sécuritaire 1)

– Contract EDF RIC001AR Palier N4 (1450MW)
– Increased expertise in third-party systems (Siemens, GE Fanuc, Schneider, P320, Pcvue, Cimplicity, Wincc, Panorama, …)
– Increased cooperation with other partners including Cegelec and VINCI Energies (CEM, Omexom Renewable ORE, TEMA, Actemium Cadarache…)

Engie Electrabel – Tractebel Engie LTO Sur Etendu Tihange 1

Engie Electrabel – Tractebel Engie LTO Doel 1 & 2

SNEL – Madingusha revamping of 6 groups hydro in RDC

Cegelec CSS s.a
Contract EDF RIC002AR Palier N4 (1450MW)